Enterprise Village Master Plan

The principle of the Enterprise Village is to create a professional business environment, with commercial properties set within a structured and attractive landscape offering a neighbourly atmosphere, which encourages networking, resource sharing and business collaboration.

The Enterprise Village site is divided into three terraces and then sub-divided and sold as individual freehold plots. The illustrative master plan is based on an anticipated range of plot sizes providing 100 sq.m., 150 sq.m., 200 sq.m. and 300 sq.m. units, which will be ideal for many small and growing businesses or start-ups.

An artist's image of how The Enterprise Village may look

An artist's image of how The Enterprise Village may look

Design Guidelines And Acceptance Process:

The Design Guide covers the development structure of the Enterprise Village and will be provided to all prospective purchasers of the freehold building plots.

This guide provides details on contours, layout, road network, vehicle access and parking, building height, character and materials, landscaping, separation of public and private areas, boundary fencing, and drainage. It is intended to explain the overall development philosophy and design principles which all individual freehold plot owners/developers will be required to adopt. Freeholders will then be required to submit their outline proposals to the Estate Architect for approval by Haywood Properties, prior to submission of a detailed planning application to the local authority (Melton Borough Council).